Ultimate Nylon – Vol. 2 – Cory Lane’s Farewell

Monday, August 30, 2010



Ultimate Nylon – Vol. 2 – Cory Lane’s Farewell

Stars: Calli Cox, Tabitha Stern, Cory Lane, Sera Lee

Nylon doesn’t get any sexier than this! Cory Lane lounges on her couch in a sweater and skirt, sling back heels and vintage coffee bean R, H & T’ S reading a magazine. You’ll love all the casual positions that showcase her classically gorgeous legs. Cory allows the camera some breathtaking close ups and peeks at “the goods”, a daring bit of modeling that adds immensely to the nylon fun! Tabitha Stern comes home after a work….smokes and kicks back, gradually melting out of her navy blue leather pumps and business suit. Lots more of those delicious deep brown nylons in this excellent ‘voyeur video’ scene. The grand finale is a Calli Cox leg show direct from heaven! First she’s wearing a lush pair of antique fully-fashioned hose, richly welted and in a dark honey brown shade. Properly dressed in a suit and black leather pumps, Calli is an awesome leg model…..absolutely perfect legs and feet!



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File Name : 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.wmv

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Duration : 02:01:00

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