Ultimate Nylon Volume 7 – Looking At Laurie

Monday, August 30, 2010



Ultimate Nylon Volume 7 – Looking At Laurie

Stars: Laurie Wallace, Jayna Woods, Avery Adams

Laurie Wallace is dynamite in black stockings and heels, posing in a marbled entrance in the morning light. You’ll be riveted to her every move as she twists and bends to allow all sorts of alluring peeks at her perfect body. Avery Adams settles into her couch for a private moment, wearing coffee bean reinforced heel and toe nylons. A slow steady striptease and solo session with fingers and vibra-toys leave her quivering in orgasms…very nice stuff! Jayna Woods lounges and relaxes in her apartment, wearing soft black, ultra sheer, reinforced heel and toe hose. You get a “fly on the wall” voyeuristic peek from just about every angle as she puts on a hypnotizing leg show and her clothes steadily disappear. Finally, you’ll be treated to an encore from Laurie Wallace–this time she wears honey beige stockings in an atrium, bathed in sunlight and beauty.



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File Name : 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.wmv

File Size : 1111.95 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:00:00

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