Bob’s Videos #156 – Pretty Girls Classics

Sunday, December 26, 2010



Bob’s Videos #156 – Pretty Girls Classics

Stars: Carolyn Monroe, Catalina L’Amour, Goldie McHawn, Ashlyn, Brandi Benson

Sparkling and pretty, Catalina L’Amour graces the cover of this film that honors beautiful women, with a tribute of vivacious and sensual images. Ms. L’Amour smokes and flashes teasing peeks in a public scene on a busy street. She later closes the film on her bed, alone with her penetrating fingers. Sparkling in blue, Goldie shines her graceful and delicate beauty in her boudoir. Brandy’s boyfriend couldn’t be with her at the party, so he leaves her a special gift. The vibrating toy gets Brandy so hot she’s literally dripping wet and concludes with rather intense and vocal relief… wow! Ashlyn lounges and plays on her bed and Carolyn stops for a quickie on the kitchen counter… one fast and powerfully direct orgasm to end things in style.



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