Smoke & Nylon

Sunday, December 26, 2010



Smoke & Nylon

Stars: Taylor St. Claire, Chelsea Blue, Gina Rome, Kelly Havel, Tracy Ryan

Meet Ashlyn … a nylon clad Czech beauty captured in her first video shoot. Bob breaks her in well and teaches her a few things. Of course she shows him a thing or two as well. She was a tad nervous and a relatively inexperienced smoker, but you won’t be able to stop watching her … she’s so captivating! Jennifer George reflects and sits quietly on her couch fully dressed, in a powerful mood scene … “You’ll always remember her!” by. Jennifer then smokily adores Victoria’s rather sleek nylons in a sexy, silky and so smokey worship scene. Taylor St. Clair smokes and chats with Bob in her car and Chelsea and Gina do a “Fem Dom scene” where they smoke and talk about Bob worming around the floor at their feet. It’s not only cute and campy, but convincing … and has some truly great smoking moments and leg/foot fetish peeks. Michelle closes with a goodbye smoke and a smile. This tape is elegant and sexy.



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