Bob’s Videos #136 – We’ll Show You Bob!

Sunday, January 16, 2011



Bob’s Videos #136 – We’ll Show You Bob!

Stars: Sara, Isabella Camille, Bob, Stevi Conrad, Tracy Ryan

Bob can’t help staring at his ultra gorgeous helpers Jennifer (cover) and Stevi. One typical day they reach the breaking point with Bob’s ogling and decide to really “bust his balls.” They tease and eventually “show him the goods,” hoping both to drive him crazy and satisfy his curiosity once and for all. It’s all in good fun and is an absolute classic “Bob moment.” Sara is alone and bored so she retires early. Her roommate Isabella comes bursting home from a date, a tiny bit drunk, but very happy and frisky. She’s also “in the mood” and quickly decides to lie down and let her fingers calm her down by stirring her up! Instead of sleeping, Sara is peeking, and once Isabella is satisfied and asleep, Sara takes things into her own hands. The perfect conclusion to one of Bob’s finest films.



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