Hot Fetish Twists

Sunday, January 16, 2011



Hot Fetish Twists

Stars: Chelsea Blue, Carly Sparks,Tracy Ryan

All of the scenes on this tape were inspired by creative ideas sent to Bob. Although he isn’t able to do custom filming, Bob is open to dialogue and sharing ideas with his customers. The results are some very special video indeed. Carly Sparks has a penetrating encounter with a sleek pair of leather gloves and smokes up a storm throughout. Next day she checks out the dried cum stains on leather in morning’s revealing sunlight, and enjoys one last smoke with those precious gloves. Chelsea Blue is all warm and cuddly…purring like a kitten as she smokes, teases and talks to you, totally enjoying the sensual moment. It’s a truly remarkable scene. And last but not least, dear Jennifer George, all dresses up and demure in her business suit, finishes a day at the office with a cigarette. She gets so heated by the smoke we quickly discover she has no panties. She certainly knows how to finish things off…herself, her work day and the tape.



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Duration : 01:05:26

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