Jamie Lynn Pantyhose 3

Thursday, January 20, 2011



Jamie Lynn Pantyhose 3

Stars: Jamie Lynn

“Hi My Little Victims” Does Jamie Understand your Addiction? Yes! 4 Belittling Scenes from this Demanding Talking Vixen! Alone POV! Point & CUM! Ripped Nylon! Cat woman! Whack it for me NOW! Love Doll Commands! Lots of Head Game Abuse! Jamie Wants to Kick our Sorry Asses with her Sheer Pantyhose Covered Crotch, Will She?Nasty talking 23 year old Jamie Lynn thinks you’re a fucking little dicked pervert as she has your worthless ass jacking off to her pantyhose. She lets you look up her skirt for she’s disgusted with you as her shaved box gleams through the sheer crotch Wolford pantyhose. “Kiss my ass like the little bitch that you are!” as she points that nylon encased ass in your face. “Sniff my pantyhose!” She lets her huge natural tits swing free as she pumps her little fist hard onto her crotch.



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File Name : 0165_LE_Jamie_Lynn_Pantyhose_3.wmv

File Size : 958.25 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:06:16

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