Jasmine Byrne Sweet Naughty & Loving J/O Enc. Pantyhose

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Jasmine Byrne Sweet Naughty & Loving J/O Enc. Pantyhose

Stars: Jasmine Byrne

Jasmine Byrne wants your dick as she lifts up her black vinyl dress to show off her ass in black sheer crotch pantyhose. Hot up shots as her ass and pussy are visible through the dark nylon. “Rub it on my pussy” as she’s also getting hot! Heels off, she gives you the ultimate pantyhose foot job then tit fucks you! More hot up shots as she is now down to just the hose and grabs the camera and pounds her fist before the hose slowly come off as you smell her pussy.Next, in a body suit and nude sheer crotch pantyhose, Jasmine stands over you wiggling her ass in your face. Legs spread, she teaches you how to jack off for her as her camera is inches from her crotch. Body suit off

she tells you “come all over your screen!” More up shots as she pounds and rubs her snatch and thrusts it into your face before and after the hose hit the floor.



Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part4.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part5.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part6.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.part7.rar | 9.2 Mb

File Name : 0156_LE_Jasmine_Byrne_Sweet_Naughty_and_Loving_J_O_Enc_Pantyhose.wmv

File Size : 939.22 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:04:47

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