Serious About Smoke

Thursday, January 20, 2011



Serious About Smoke

Stars: Layla Jade, Mary Jane, Angela Crystal, Taylor-J

This tape is the most ambitious Bob has attempted, combining outstanding smoking technique with high production content and featuring four brilliant vignettes that bring together all the elements of smoke fetish. It’s difficult to use the phrase “the best work Bob has done to date” but this tape clearly establishes that he’s raised the bar an artistic notch. If you’re also Serious About Smoke, then please don’t miss this tape.”Three Days at the Office” was inspired by an email from a customer and the original idea erupted into a major vignette. It stars Taylor-J, a proper British secretary who knows that the boss (Peter) is just squirming to get his hands on her, and that he also has a major ‘thing’ for her smoking. She cleverly devises a way to channel his predictable peeping at her into a means of getting him to sign over the company…..



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