Best Of Teens In Tights 2

Saturday, February 12, 2011



Best Of Teens In Tights 2

Stars: Kat, Tereza, Courtney, Brandi, Jaclyn, Navaeh

Tereza in Pig tails and a hot pink two piece with black tights and white socks starts you off as this little cutie stretches in your face with open leg shots that will have your mouth water and your cock solid.Brandi starts out in yellow lace tights and a purple one piece suit watch as this naughty little red head scratches away at her pussy while telling you just what you want to hear. Masturbation is what she loves most and so will you when its right up in your face like this one.Courtney our gymnast never looked so good until now. A yellow one piece, black tights and positions that will have you cumming all over the screen as you spy on this hot blonde. And getting caught is the funniest part here.Our young cutie Kat with braces wearing all white will turn your cock purple as she teases you with sexy poses, stretching and jack off encouragement to make sure she leaves you wanting more more more!



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Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:35:15

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