Nicotine Nymphs – Sharon & Pamela

Saturday, February 5, 2011



Nicotine Nymphs – Sharon & Pamela

Stars: Pamela, Sharon

Sharon: I Roll My Own, Thank USharon rolls her own cigarettes. She loves rolling them early in the morning. Right after her morning coffee she walks out on her balcony usually half naked and drags on a couple of her home made blunts. She is sexy and very sensual. She exhales the most exquisite rings of smoke on the planet.Pamela: I Need A LightHi. I am Pamela. I understand what your needs are yet I need you to understand my needs. Light my cigarette honey. Lets talk for awhile before we fuck. Let me smoke baby. I love it. You want to turn me on. Seduce me while I smoke. Fuck me while I smoke. Clouds of smoke darling. That’s what I need.



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