Stories About My Slutty Sister

Saturday, February 26, 2011



Stories About My Slutty Sister

Stars: Tanya Danielle, Goldie, Georgia Jones, Alyssa Reece, Veronica Ricci

Goldie finds it very difficult to be a proper role model for her younger sister Veronica, who always seems to show up at just the wrong moments. Goldie has her lover Tanya Danielle over for a passionate visit, and just as they start to get into things, Veronica bursts home and plops on the couch, completely unaware of what she has interrupted. If Goldie or Tanya move they’ll be detected ‘en flagrante’, so they freeze and wait. What they don’t expect to see is the youthful, but horny, Veronica sprawl out on the couch and start to pleasure herself, thinking she’s alone. The more they peep, the more explicit and outrageous it gets. Pretty soon the room is as hot a sauna and there are females gasping and twitching all over the place, in this smart and sexy sketch. The second story of slutty Veronica finds her as the peeper.



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