Tanya’s Remedy

Monday, February 21, 2011



Tanya’s Remedy

Stars: Tanya Danielle, Stacy Burke

Stacy Burke is simply devastated over her recent employment evaluation from her boss. The teary eyed damsel is very upset that her efforts are not more appreciated or even noticed. Just as she is at her lowest, coworker Tanya Danielle bursts into the office fresh from a lunch hour shopping spree. Seeing that the sexy fashion show of her new purchases can’t shake Stacy out of the blues, Tanya invites her friend to come home with her for the weekend. Figuring it would be just what the “secretarial doctor” might order, Tanya puts her mind and hands to work helping Stacy forget all about the office and the day’s activities. Soon both of these charmers are lost in sexy fun and lesbian play that has them both quickly in high spirits.BONUS SCENE #1 Tanya and Stacy confront the boss about being overlooked for an upcoming business trip.



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