TT33Bob’s Videos Private Editions – Heels & Hose Show Volume 19

Saturday, February 26, 2011



TT33Bob’s Videos Private Editions – Heels & Hose Show Volume 19

Stars: Addison Rose, Tatiana Kush

Addison Rose knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk, especially in her sparkling red patent leather 4″ pumps! Not only will her sassy chatter get you in the mood, her display of her sexiest shoes will satisfy you toe-tally! She’ll prance and parade about, slipping in and out of sexy heels, aware of what an erotically hypnotic effect it all has while she tells you exactly what she wants to do in each pair. Addison enjoys the show as much as you will! Tatiana Kush is more laid back and mellow, relaxing after work, trying on some new slacks over her nylons. Her legs are picture perfect in rich brown nylons that make her skin tone soft and sensual. Tatiana shows off all the best angles for maximum “peekability” at her abundantly ripe charms.



Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

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Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part4.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part5.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part6.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions___Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.part7.rar | 139.4 Mb

File Name : 0193_LE_TT33Bob_s_Videos_Private_Editions_Heels_and_Hose_Show_Volume_19.wmv

File Size : 1069.42 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:55:45

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