Zophia Pantyhose

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Zophia Pantyhose

Stars: Zophia

Russian ballerina, Magazine Cover Girl. Brown, Black & Suntan PH Views! Our most flexible PH Model Ever. A Pure Pantyhose show from this slender sexy model! Zophia can bend & tease like no other! A Very Sexy Girl & Video! “Hi, I’m Zophia and I’m going to show you may pantyhose today” chimes the lovely Euro princess. She smiles, raises her short skirt to show off her small, tight ass in brown, sheer to the waist hose. Bending, spreading all done to give you the best views up her skirt that she can give. Zophia gives you a slow strip to just the hose to finish what she started. Super over the camera close-ups before she strips off the hose. Nice! 2nd scene, Zophia lets you look up at her sexy black pantyhose under her short black skirt. She has such a sweet voice as she talks you through the action. She shows you how flexible she is, being a former ballerina, so you can get a good view of the built in floral panties.



Downloading 0200_LE_Zophia_Pantyhose.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

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File Name : 0200_LE_Zophia_Pantyhose.wmv

File Size : 844.35 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 01:03:00

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Tyler Faith Pantyhose

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Tyler Faith Pantyhose

Stars: Tyler Faith

First time at Playtime, Tyler Faith will do her best to get you off with her black sheer crotch Wolford pantyhose under her black slit mini skirt. Nice over the camera poses to get you pumping as her trimmed pussy is visible under the hose. She pulls off her patent leather pumps as she coos “I’d love to jerk you off with my feet”. She pumps her fist onto her crotch and ass needing your load. Top off, her massive tits swing free as she rubs her snatch as she controls the camera and points where she wants you to come as she spreads her snatch under the hose. Pantyhose now off

she rubs and spreads her pink hole wide. Next, in her lace top and mini skirt, Tyler tells you how the guys at her office go into the bathroom and whack off because she’s giving them a pantyhose tease at work. She lifts her skirt and bends her ass into your face while pounding her fist onto it. Top and dress off, she caresses herself in only the pantyhose and black lace bra.



Downloading 0199_LE_Tyler_Faith_Pantyhose.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

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File Name : 0199_LE_Tyler_Faith_Pantyhose.wmv

File Size : 1011.92 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:09:53

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Jennifer Demanding J/O Instruction Pantyhose 4

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Jennifer Demanding J/O Instruction Pantyhose 4

Stars: Jennifer

The Queen of Jerk off talk of All Time! 3 very sexy Pantyhose Scenes! Strap On Action! Must have for all Jennifer Worshipers! MEAN & SEXY! Is Jennifer your VIXEN in Pantyhose? PPV 537 features our dominant talking, devil beauty Jennifer who is on her couch in a slinky, black dress, black open toed sandals over black, sheer crotch, fishnet pantyhose. She commands you to touch yourself while she verbally beats you up! She teases you by asking if you want to suck her size 7 succulent feet. She then licks her own and abuses her little boys! She commands you to do all types of nasty things that “good boys” wouldn’t think of doing. Low angle shots through her pantyhose to her shaved, pouty pussy. She peels off her dress to show you “stinky boys” her tits. Then, off with her dress as she puts that pantyhose covered pussy inches from your face. Jennifer commands her “slave boys” to get your dildo out and get nasty for her! DAMN!



Downloading 0198_LE_Jennifer_Demanding_J_O_Instruction_Pantyhose_4.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

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File Name : 0198_LE_Jennifer_Demanding_J_O_Instruction_Pantyhose_4.wmv

File Size : 832.16 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 01:03:00

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Juki – Asian Teen Pantyhose

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Juki – Asian Teen Pantyhose

Stars: Juki

Super Cute & Sweet Asian Doll Juki shows off in her Black, Brown & Tan PH just for you! Naughty Secretary! Don’t Miss Juki’s Tight PH CROTCH! The 19-year-old Asian sexy beauty Juki is back to help you “take a load off” if you know what I mean. Juki is a hot secretary wearing a black and white patterned business suit, black pumps, and Wolford black pantyhose with reinforced toe. And oh yea, I forgot to mention, no crotch panel, or center seam, these Wolford PH fit just like skin. We steal some shots under her desk at her nylon covered, smooth shaven pussy and succulent size 5 feet. She notices you are watching as her sensual tease begins. Up-close foot teasing is the order of the day, as well as sweet sexy talk. She stands strips and models her pantyhose for you, before jumping up on the desk for some excellent views. Watch as she strips to just the hose and then finally nude.



Downloading 0197_LE_Juki___Asian_Teen_Pantyhose.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

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File Name : 0197_LE_Juki_Asian_Teen_Pantyhose.wmv

File Size : 804.53 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 01:00:00

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Bob’s Smokers – Cat’s Meow

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Bob’s Smokers – Cat’s Meow

Can’t you just imagine a woman blowing smoke on to your cock only to suck it dry? Well, in Bob’s Smokers Cat’s Meow that’s exactly what happens! There are 5 scenes and 2 extremely hot ladies. One is a blond and the other is a brunette. They both love to be satisfied and they both love to smoke and suck cock, what more could you want?



Downloading 0196_LE_Bob_s_Smokers___Cat_s_Meow.part01.rar | 155.0 Mb

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File Name : 0196_LE_Bob_s_Smokers_Cat_s_Meow.wmv

File Size : 1331.19 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 01:34:56

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