Ten Little Piggies Vol. 3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


0222_LE_Ten Little Piggies Vol. 3

Stars: Serena South, Crystal Ray, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara, Jamie Brooks, Angela Stone, Amber Simpson, Katin, Smokie Flame, Mick Blue, Kiara Rose, Michelle B, Monica Temptem

Ten Totally hot girls showing off their adorable feet just for you! Come see them in action doing all the nasty things you foot lovers love! They have the most beautiful feet you’ll ever see and they give great foot jobs! There’s toe sucking, toe fucking and plenty of cumshots directly on those Ten Little Piggies!



Downloading 0222_LE_Ten_Little_Piggies_vol_3.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0222_LE_Ten_Little_Piggies_vol_3.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0222_LE_Ten_Little_Piggies_vol_3.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0222_LE_Ten_Little_Piggies_vol_3.part4.rar | 122.0 Mb

File Name : 0222_LE_Ten_Little_Piggies_vol_3.wmv

File Size : 1324.97 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:17:28

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Mistress Smoke

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


0106_SMO_Mistress Smoke

Stars: Mistress Smoke Shaun Malfoy Gemma

Swindon’s Mistress Smoke is a very unique Mistress indeed. If you love blonde tattooed Mistresses who smoke, then this is the Mistress for you. Watch as she subjects her male slave and her slave girl to some of the most severe punishments. We have seen for a long time! Cock Trampling, ball busting, boot worshiping, ass fucking, and bondage. This film has it all.



Downloading 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.part4.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.part5.rar | 144.7 Mb

File Name : 0106_SMO_Mistress_Smoke.wmv

File Size : 1748.7 MB

Resolution : 768×576

Duration : 01:57:04

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Stocking 3

Monday, May 23, 2011


0221_LE_Stocking 3

For all fans of super-hot Nylon this hot production is more than just only a must! Because what else could be hornier than to tear up sexy stockings and than fuck the wet pussy under it! But also hot girls love it when their best girl-friend is wearing the hottest pants ever!



Downloading 0221_LE_Stocking_3.part1.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0221_LE_Stocking_3.part2.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0221_LE_Stocking_3.part3.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0221_LE_Stocking_3.part4.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0221_LE_Stocking_3.part5.rar | 62.2 Mb

File Name : 0221_LE_Stocking_3.wmv

File Size : 882.24 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:35:00

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Lizzie Anne’s Fetish World

Sunday, May 22, 2011


0105_SMO_Lizzie Anne’s Fetish World

Lizzie Anne loves to dress up and play dirty. The mature and sexy MILF goes for the saucy schoolgirl look and sucks seductively on a ciggie as she indulges her fetish fantasies. She’s on 20 day now smokes that is!

This smoking sexpot also loves her water sports and you’ll love it when she gets caught short on camera. Her love beads and dildos come out as she enjoys plundering her hairy pussy.

Next its kinky boots time in Lizzie Anne’s neighborhood and you’re invited to join her as she indulges her naughty leg fetish with one of the hottest solo sex shows you’ll ever come across.

Or come over our vintage vamp loves getting logged up in fetish gear and she enjoys it even more when she gets to squat on a very large dildo you’ve never seen a vanishing act like is!

Stocking tease is also on the menu in Lizzie’s lounge of lust. Watch and learn as she plunders her hairy honey pot! With a massive vibe until she explodes in a massive climax.

Enter Lizzie Anne’s Fetish World and you won’t ever want to leave!



Downloading 0105_SMO_Lizzie_Annes_Fetish_World.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0105_SMO_Lizzie_Annes_Fetish_World.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0105_SMO_Lizzie_Annes_Fetish_World.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0105_SMO_Lizzie_Annes_Fetish_World.part4.rar | 159.6 Mb

File Name : 0105_SMO_Lizzie_Annes_Fetish_World.wmv

File Size : 1362.6 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:45:13

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Girls In Nylon Are Very Sexual 3

Saturday, May 21, 2011


0220_LE_Girls In Nylon Are Very Sexual 3

It’s time for more sexual girls in nylons with N-Studio. Girls In Nylon Are Very Sexual features some hot girls playing with themselves in nothing but sexy stockings. Each girl has a little something special about her. And they all love the feeling of nylon on their wet pussies. While most of them are satisfied with playing alone, one of them can’t help but invite some dick into the equation. Check it out!



Downloading 0220_LE_Girls_In_Nylon_Are_Very_Sexual_3.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0220_LE_Girls_In_Nylon_Are_Very_Sexual_3.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0220_LE_Girls_In_Nylon_Are_Very_Sexual_3.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0220_LE_Girls_In_Nylon_Are_Very_Sexual_3.part4.rar | 52.7 Mb

File Name : 0220_LE_Girls_In_Nylon_Are_Very_Sexual_3.wmv

File Size : 1255.7 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 01:27:00

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Smoking Interview 2

Friday, May 20, 2011


0104_SMO_Smoking Interview 2

Stars: Sinnamon Love Victoria Sin Luccia Reyes Dick Nasty Rod Fontana Jeremy Steel

3 women talk about their smoking fetishes, oral fixations, then re-enact their sexiest smoking sexual experiences! European beauty Victoria Sin gets reprimanded by a bellhop, played by Rod Fontana, for smoking cigars in a non-smoking room. What follows is a smoking blowjob and some hot anal sex, complete with plenty of gaping anal shots with smoke!



Downloading 0104_SMO_Smoking_Interview_2.part1.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0104_SMO_Smoking_Interview_2.part2.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0104_SMO_Smoking_Interview_2.part3.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0104_SMO_Smoking_Interview_2.part4.rar | 201.7 Mb

File Name : 0104_SMO_Smoking_Interview_2.wmv

File Size : 816.75 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:27:57

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Leg Sex In The Sun

Thursday, May 19, 2011


0219_LE_Leg Sex In The Sun

Stars: Roxanne Hall, Felicia, Tony

Roxanne is on holiday at her parents’ villa in Spain. The gardener spunks on her feet while she is asleep sunbathing. She invites her friend Felicia to come and join her, and whilst she’s asleep, the gardener secretly sniffs her feet too! A plan is laid to get their revenge on the gardener for spunking on them without their knowledge.



Downloading 0219_LE_Leg_Sex_In_The_Sun.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0219_LE_Leg_Sex_In_The_Sun.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0219_LE_Leg_Sex_In_The_Sun.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0219_LE_Leg_Sex_In_The_Sun.part4.rar | 45.2 Mb

File Name : 0219_LE_Leg_Sex_In_The_Sun.wmv

File Size : 1248.2 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 01:26:00

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Rauchermosen 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


0103_SMO_Rauchermosen 2

Stars: Doro Cummings Arni Schwarz Larua S. Beata Sonne Reinhardt Conny Dachs Jamy Lee Alex Winter

These bitches are capable of taking serious pounding to both the juicy, wet pussy, and to the rear. They give fantastic blowjob. They have more cushions for the pushing and what it takes to urge you on to an intense climax. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the mouth, or inside their mega pussies- you are to the pussy heaven. Experience their awesome strip tease!



Downloading 0103_SMO_Rauchermosen_2.part1.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0103_SMO_Rauchermosen_2.part2.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0103_SMO_Rauchermosen_2.part3.rar | 401.0 Mb

Downloading 0103_SMO_Rauchermosen_2.part4.rar | 64.3 Mb

File Name : 0103_SMO_Rauchermosen_2.wmv

File Size : 1267.26 MB

Resolution : 768×576

Duration : 01:24:47

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Her Feet Get Me Off 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


0218_LE_Her Feet Get Me Off 2

Stars: Kid Dynamite, Tatti Russo

We know how much you loved the first one, so it’s time to enjoy “Her Feet Get Me Off 2″ from Magical Feet. This big-titted blonde has really fucking sexy feet! See for yourself! Watch her suck on her own toes, then shove her bare feet in her boyfriend’s face to have him suck on them. Then she gives him an epic footjob, jerking his dick off with her bare feet until he busts a load all over her pretty toes.



Downloading 0218_LE_Her_Feet_Get_Me_Off_2.part1.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0218_LE_Her_Feet_Get_Me_Off_2.part2.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0218_LE_Her_Feet_Get_Me_Off_2.part3.rar | 30.4 Mb

File Name : 0218_LE_Her_Feet_Get_Me_Off_2.wmv

File Size : 440.38 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 00:31:08

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Inflate This

Monday, May 16, 2011


0102_SMO_Inflate This

Stars: Pearl

A custom video Pearl did. She complains about someone (the guy who originally ordered the custom) who loves inflatable rafts, smokes and then yells at the camera as if it were the person. She gets naked and beats at the raft and camera with a belt! Edited from the original custom video.



Downloading 0102_SMO_Inflate_This.part1.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0102_SMO_Inflate_This.part2.rar | 205.0 Mb

Downloading 0102_SMO_Inflate_This.part3.rar | 49.2 Mb

File Name : 0102_SMO_Inflate_This.wmv

File Size : 459.23 MB

Resolution : 640×480

Duration : 00:32:10

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