A Day At The Den

Sunday, May 1, 2011


0094_SMO_A Day At The Den

Meet the famed Head Mistress a 4 foot 10″ tiny stick of Smoking Dynamite explode on screen Smoking Max 120′s in a see through latex mini dress and corset. Join me on the bondage bed Smoking Max 120′s decked out in my pink satin corset and full length black PVC skirt and gloves as I talk about how hot Smoking makes both you and me. Mistress Anna Valentina joins us Smoking in her lingerie corset, garters and stockings. She discusses her love of Human Ashtray Play and talks about how deeply vintage Smoking has influenced her Smoking Fetish. Daughter Role Play is one of my favorites especially when my girl gets caught by me not Smoking as I have taught her. Mistress Anna Valentina Smokes German Filterless in gloves with a vintage holder, ashtray and lighter while I interview her. She says her Glamour Smoking makes her feel like being a Goddess, Diva and Sex Symbol. Mistress Christine Justice joins us Smoking her favorite Newport 100′s as she emits what I can only call a Smoking Volcano in a full length PVC gown. You won’t find an interview like this one anywhere! Head Mistress then joins us Smoking a Marlboro Red 100′s while she talks about how she started Smoking and how she used to steal Cigs from a local store.



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