Anal Girls Of Tobacco Road 4

Saturday, May 14, 2011


0098_SMO_Anal Girls Of Tobacco Road 4

Stars: Sabrine Maui Dominique Dupree Alexxxis Tyler Brooke Hunter Brick Majors Tyce Bune Eva Moore

Smoke-Em If You Got Em! Surgeon General’s Warning: Smoking cigarettes during sex is believed to cause heightened sexual arousal, which almost always leads to intense orgasm. When fucking anally the probability of these occurrences is doubled.

One often hears of smoking after having sex, but smoking during sex is another proposition. Consider this–the guy’s dick is competing for space in your mouth while you’re puffing away on a cigarette. Wake up, girl

this is no time for smoking a cigarette when you can be pulling and stroking on a long, hot, throbbing cock. So far, this kind of rod hasn’t been deemed hazardous to your health. Come on

get your priorities straight. That cock won’t be standing at attention for long, so you better get it while it’s hot! You can always go back to that cigarette after you have extinguished the fire in his balls. Wake up and taste the cock!



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