Katya’s Kiss Of Death Volume One

Friday, June 17, 2011


0114_1_SMO_Katya’s Kiss Of Death Volume One

Stars: Katya Okimoto

Smoking is all through this film by the sexy Katya. Practice of a move “the kiss of death” is her mission. Holding a lit smoke in her mouth, she will pop all the balloons with the hot end. Sexy black balloons are the main feature with orange, green, and purple, balloons. The balloons are a gift for the Halloween holiday, with bats and spooky spiders. She lights up her smoke in your face close up style. Quickly blows the smoke out her nose while pressing into the balloon. Bang it pops so fast. Enjoying her smoke while teasing the balloon viewer she becomes more sexy. Wearing silver hot pants and bra top she is sure to be hot enough to make you pop. Bringing a balloon close up she shows you how hot it is, and excites you with the bang. Every balloon meets its fate of being destroyed by her. Sexy smoking with French inhale and lots of smoke blown right at the viewer. Sitting and finger nail squeezing is also employed to burst a few of the balloons. Smoking and popping is what is on her mind, and she will give you a good mind to have a smoke after viewing this film. It is that sexy.



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