Curious About Jess

Friday, July 1, 2011



Curious About Jess

Stars: Laurie Wallace, Chrissy Taylor, Jessica Jaymes, Jennifer George

Laurie Wallace and Jessica Jaymes are your average professional women attending a conference. During a break, Jess shares her surprise that a female associate of theirs seemed overly interested in her female companion. Laurie then blurts out that she just caught the newly suspected lesbians locked in a passionate kiss in the lounge. They both laugh and share the gossipy connection, but a new seed is planted in their passionate souls. Later, at home and relaxing after their day, Laurie can’t shake the images of women loving women from her mind. She tells Jess about an encounter she once had with a female masseuse. Laurie’s curiosity spills all over Jess… one little thing leads to another……and soon the two are themselves locked in an embrace on the couch, and later on their bed, as they find sweet orgasmic bliss together for the first time. SPECIAL BONUS SCENE! The tape closes with a never released lesbian seduction scene starring the ever-popular Jennifer George. It seems Jennifer is having a dream of seducing her unsuspecting workmate, Chrissy Taylor. Too bad the boss interrupts her reverie and snaps Jennifer out of the euphoria of her sweet daydream before it is satisfied.



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