Rescue Me

Thursday, July 7, 2011


0139_1_SMO_Rescue Me

Stars: Brooke, Jen

A different kind of video here. First, Brooke is sitting on a sofa smoking and feels a bit faint. She takes off her top in an attempt to cool down and feel better. As she smokes more, she feels even fainter. She on the floor and Jen runs in topless and give Brooke CPR until she finally revives her. Next, the exact same thing happens to Jen as she smokes and Brooke has to rush in to gives Jen CPR until she comes around. There are outtakes at the end of the DVD, too! Only about 10 minutes of smoking total but if you also enjoy sensual CPR by two big-boobed girls, this one is for you!



Downloading 0139_SMO_Rescue_Me.part1.rar | 200.0 Mb

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File Name : 0139_SMO_Rescue_Me.wmv

File Size : 288.85 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 00:30:04

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