Caressa’s Trio

Saturday, August 6, 2011


0150_1_SMO_Caressa’s Trio

Stars: Caressa Savage, Taylor St. Claire, Summer, Madison, Simona, Natalie, Kristin, Barocca

Caressa opens this tape with 3 short, but unforgettable scenes. Taylor, Simona, Summer, Kristin and Barocca all relax with a cigarette break and Natalie tackles a fine cigar. Madison chats with Francesa outdoors and Barocca gets impatient as she waits for her “Oil Change.” This tape is not for the faint hearted… Blazing nude scenes mixed with some fully dressed ones.



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File Name : 0150_SMO_Caressas_Trio.wmv

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Resolution : 636×476

Duration : 00:58:33

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