Footslave Prophecies vol. 2

Saturday, August 6, 2011



Footslave Prophecies vol. 2

Stars: Slave Bubba, Mistress Tori Sinclair, Mistress Mia Domore

In Part 1 of this video, Mistress Tori Sinclair is pissed off because her stupid husband, Bubba still hasn’t finished her website because he’s been too busy downloading porn off the internet! Tori decides its time to teach him a lesson and begins by high heel and barefoot trampling him, including STANDING ON HIS FACE!

In Part 2 of this video, Bubba is at a hotel and decides he wants a “Shiatsu” massage. When the Masseuse Mia arrives, she begins by telling him she has a new technique called “Shoe-atsu”. Bubba decides to give it a try and boy is he in for a surprise!



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