Miss Chayla 2

Saturday, August 6, 2011



Miss Chayla 2

Stars: Miss Chayla

I have 4 different videos & CD’s of “Miss Chayla”. “Miss Chayla” is a lovely young lady w/beautiful “model” looks. Short black hair that beautifully frames her face perfectly. Slender legs and beautiful stocking feet. Just 21 years old and as lovely as can be. Beautiful green eyes and shapely body. in her videos, they are featuring black “sears” brand thigh high stockings w/incredible reinforced toe, black silk stockings w/reinforced heel & toe & in Volume I (Volume, III ) in which she is bare legged. she wears, black leather high heels & white leather high heels. she does everything including an excellent job of “dangling”, “dipping”, & sitting around in her beautiful stocking feet! she also spent a bit of time walking through the park in her stocking feet, stopping to dip her feet in the pond. In “Miss Chayla” Volume I, I’m not sure what “Miss Chayla” was searching for in the car, but do you think I was THAT concerned? Not at all, as long as you take your time & those high heels keep falling off!



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