Miss Jaclynn & Miss Cheriess 1

Saturday, August 6, 2011



Miss Jaclynn & Miss Cheriess 1

Stars: Miss Cheriess, Miss Jaclynn

I have 4 different videos & CD’s of “Miss Jaclynn” & “Miss Cheriess” “Miss Jaclynn” & “Miss Cheriess” are 2 lovely, lovely young ladies

one with long dark hair, the other with long blond hair. Both of them have long beautiful & great legs. In their videos, they are featured wearing black pantyhose w/reinforced toes & tan pantyhose w/reinforced toe, high heels & black sandal high heels. They really had fun making these 4 videos. They laughed & had a great time slipping their shoes off, massaging each other’s stockings feet. They walked through water, they played in the grass, played video games, talked on the phone, all & all, a GREAT video adventure



Downloading 0077_BF_Miss Jaclynn & Miss Cheriess 1_copy.part1.rar | 200.0 Mb

Downloading 0077_BF_Miss Jaclynn & Miss Cheriess 1_copy.part2.rar | 111.5 Mb

File Name : 0077_BF_Miss Jaclynn & Miss Cheriess 1_copy.wmv

File Size : 311.49 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 00:32:54

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