Miss Raquel & Miss Veronica 1

Saturday, August 6, 2011



Miss Raquel & Miss Veronica 1

Stars: Miss Raquel, Miss Veronica

I have 2 different videos of “Miss Raquel” & “Miss Veronica”. In the videos I shot of these two lovely young ladies, “Miss Raquel” was wearing 2 different outfits & 3 different styles of foot wear. In one scene she was seen crushing out cigarettes wearing a nice black knit top, nice tight blue jeans & boots. In another scene, she had changed over to a more lady like outfit, wearing a dress & black nylon stockings with either tan sandals, as seen below & a nice pair of black high heel loafers. “Miss Veronica” on the other hand was wearing a nice tight black outfit, featuring a nice short skirt & black boots that as you can see, did not stay on very long. She also changed her shoes for this shoot, but not her outfit. She also wore some nice clog-like high heel sandals.



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