Bob’s Videos #184 – Cytheria’s Inner Fire

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Bob’s Videos #184 – Cytheria’s Inner Fire

Stars: Cytherea, Amberlina, Fallon Sommers, Corey Lane

Goddess Cytheria sets the heavens ablaze with her passionate love play. Diamonds, fur and nylon frame her lovely charms, and she uses a marble and sunlit mansion as a backdrop to smoke, flirt, squire and suck her way to satisfaction! Beautifully filmed amidst the glowing and surreal light of the heavens, Cytheria is awash in sexual release. On a more earthly plane, three of Cytheria’s friends appear to ground you on the firmament:

Fallon will charm you with her youthful girl-next-door appeal. Relaxing on her bed, she explodes in orgasmic delight as you watch her touch and play with herself, quenching her own inner flames.

Cory Lane adds a brief and memorable leg show, bathed in sunlight, black nylons shimmering and sparkling with energy. A rest and renewal that will once again feed the furnaces of passion!

And, finally, young and fresh Amberlina … lithe and limber, discovers her own pleasures deep within, penetrating deep and deeper until she explodes and melts in satisfaction.

A wet, wild multiple orgasmic experience!


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