Forced Smoke And Summer Heat

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Forced Smoke And Summer Heat

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Isabella Camille, Angelica Costello, Michelle Thorne

From the very first moments, you’ll notice this movie is inspired. The pounding introduction will lead you right to Michelle Thorne, who will grab a hold of your … attention … as she pleasures herself, all fingers, smoke and willing flesh …awesome! Breathtaking Venus enjoys a narcissistic double smoke in the mirror, classy and pretty. Which brings us back to Michelle Thorne, who is tired of her roommate Isabella’s complaining about her smoking. She decides to trick Isabella into testing some ropes she had for her kinky bugger of a boyfriend. Once tied, she takes her revenge, teasing and torturing Isabella with smoke and forcing the squirming Czech to take some puffs. Michelle has her total way with Isabella … It’s both funny and very sexy! Isabella will smoke on camera…her first and only time. She’s not an accomplished “smoke hound”, but Isabella sure tries to look sexy and playful, and she succeeds marvelously. The movie closes with Jewel by herself by her table -nothing but her smokes, busy wet fingers and orgasmic intentions …she gets there, and odds are you will too.



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