Getting Personal

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Getting Personal

Stars: Tasha Hunter, Layla Jade, Carolyn Monroe, Heather Lyn, Angelica Costello, Sydney Moon

So many of you write and want to get to know the models better. This tape is designed to answer many of those haunting questions about these women and their enjoyment of smoke. Informal and chatty, you’ll see & hear the models simply being themselves as they enjoy intimate moments.

Venus takes a cig break and relaxes, in a short but revealing chat & smoke scene.

We then have Layla Jade who talks to her lover on the phone, and then to you directly as she smokes all the while.

Heather Lyn is silent, and shows off her French inhales, love for long, deep drags and superb technique. Sydney talks about her new found interest in smoke fetish and hopes you will send her ideas to try… dressed only in a garter belt & hose. Tasha is a real life college coed – watch her smoke during her study break.

Finally we welcome back Carolyn Monroe (one of Bob’s most popular and often requested smoking models). First Carolyn chats about her smoking, and then with the help of Stacy Burke’s hot mouth, shows you how she can smoke while having her pussy nibbled… an orgasmic conclusion indeed



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