Tuesday, September 20, 2011




Stars: Pagan

Here is JUST Pagan. She wanted to put together a video that featured her in various scenarios. Up first, we see her in green lingerie and black hose, smoking VS120s. She then dons her black patent leather dress, patent leather gloves with shades and again smokes VS120s. Next, she is wearing a black lace sip and stockings, lying on a bed smoking Max 120s. Nice pop inhales, nose exhales and some rings. Back on a bed, she is sitting and wearing lacy white bra and panties, smoking TWO Marlboro Light 100s at the same time. The fifth segment features her in a black lacy slip with dark glasses, again smoking the Max 120s. She chatters with the camera, talking dirty!

We see her next in a cream outfit, again talking to the camera, smoking “all-whites.” Quite a few nose exhales. Next up, she smokes TWO Capris at once! Something different for the next segment, she is wearing a denim shirt, smoking a pipe. She then does some bubbles and smoke tricks! She is then dressed in red, smoking VS120s and does a sexy “go-go” dance for the cam. In black lace, Pagan now enjoys Swisher Sweets cigars and gets more playful with the bubbles. Fun for all. Nice French inhales, here. The last bit is of her smoking VS120s.



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Duration : 01:05:00

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