Smoke Chat – The Interview Tapes Volume 4

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Smoke Chat – The Interview Tapes Volume 4

Stars: Skylur Aldone, Jasmine Condone, Fantasia Poppy, Demonica Black, Maurina Hertz, Jessimae Greene

Here are 5 scenes with 6 woman and love to smoke. Skylur Aldone is 21 and she started smoking when she was 13. She saw her mom and dad smoke and she wanted to try it. Jasmine Condone is 25years old. She also began at the age of 13. Peer pressure is how she began to smoke. Fantasia Poppy is a 19 year old smoker and first started at 16 at a school dance. Demonica Black a pretty young brunette, wearing leather pants explains how she got caught smoking by her mother. Maurina Hertz teaches Jessimae Greene how to smoke

now Jessimae is a fulltime smoker.



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