Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 1

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 1

Stars: Karinne, Jessie Taylor, Rachel Steele

Scene 1 – Rachel Sneaks a Smoke

Rachel invites you to sneak a cigarette with her. Little do you know she finds smoking to be extremely sensual. She makes love to the smoke drifting from her hungry mouth she as entices you by reveling her huge tits all the while insisting that you be very quiet so the neighbors do not hear. She taunts and teases until she gets you hot!! In the end it is a very smoky situation!

Scene 2 – Smoking Next to the Pool

Rachel goes for a swim. She swims up to the edge of the pool and climbs out. She talks to you as she climbs out and lays on her mat her skin glistening with oil. She reaches over and grabs a cigarette. She lights up and starts to tease you. She continues to smoke as she rubs her tits and ass. The top gets pulled down to expose her oiled up tits. She rubs her pussy through her suit with one hand while continuing to smoke with the other. She pulls the material to the side and in go the finger inside her pussy. She takes the bottoms completely off and masturbates for you in all different positions while never letting go of her cigarette.

Scene 3 – Rachel Teaches How to Suck a Big Black Cock

Rachel’s step-daughter called upset about her boyfriend and asked to come over. When she arrived, Rachel was in her robe smoking a cigarette. She sat down and told Rachel about the boy she was seeing. He was black and his cock was huge. Rachel knew all about huge cocks and was prepared to help her. Rachel opened her robe to show her step-daughter the largest black cock that she had ever seen. Rachel told her to get on her knees and practice sucking it. She showed her how to lick around the head and shaft, standing over her encouraging her while she did it. Rachel tried to put it in her mouth but it would not fit. She forced it but it still would not go. Rachel became angry and called her a baby, then took a double dong and made her suck it. She told her that she would have to learn how to suck it soon, she would have to train on the double dong. She made her give the double dong an aggressive, sloppy blow job then stood her up, pulled her shorts down and bent her over the chair showing her what she was to expect next. Rachel sent her step-daughter home with the double dong and instructed her to practice all night.

Scene 4 – Smoking Pussy

I smoke a cigarette while I play with my pussy. Then I stick the cigarette up my puss.

Scene 5 – Smoking Rachel

Watch as Rachel sits in fishnet stockings smoking cigarette after cigarette. She teases you with her sultry smoking, never using her hands only to light up another. Rachel spreads her legs and plays with her pussy. She fondles her huge tits and dangles her cigarette from her red painted lips. She uses a vibrator and encourages you to play with yourself too. She loves to masturbate and smoke at the same time. Rachel pulls out her big red dildo and plunges it into herself while smoking. She tells you to stroke it for her while she fingers her wet sloppy pussy. Rachel tit fucks the dildo for you and lots of close up shots of her face with the cigarette in her mouth. She tells you to jerk off and cum hard for her. She is smoking hot for you in this video!

Scene 6 – Cum in the Kitchen

After blowing smoke all over Karinne’s body it turns into a lez fest between Rachel, Jessie and Karinne.



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