Jamie Lynn & Friends

Saturday, December 10, 2011



Jamie Lynn & Friends

Stars: Jamie Lynn, Mackenzie Mack, Sofia Sandobar

Released: 2005

Hungry for more of Jamie Lynn? This film ought to satisfy your appetite for awhile, and features a solid hour of Jamie at her absolute smoking best!

First Jamie sits on some marble steps, sipping a beer and slowly deciding to strip out of her clothes, all the while smoking her familiar Camel filters. This makes for a solid warm up for her feature scene subtitled “Corporate Takeover”, which also showcases what a fine actress Jamie is.

Jamie sits at a bar and tells the barkeep a story about never underestimating the power of smoke and a gorgeous woman. It seems that her former boss used to peek and harass her all the time at work. In a series of flashbacks, Jamie shows you exactly what she did to her boss that got him to sign over the entire company to her! As she says, “I fixed him good….I fixed him real good!” Probably her finest work to date, this scene is a ‘must see’ for Jamie fans or anyone who needs to discover why she has become Bob’s top model. This scene will certainly be released again for maximum exposure, but Bob’s Special Smoker Series gets the premier nod!

The film closes with 2 new friends to the smoke community, Sofia Sandobar and Mackenzie Mack. Sofia is a steamy porno actress from south of the equator and shows you how women in Brazil smoke. She needs to work on technique and deeper inhales to go along with her teasy style. Mackenzie Mack has no problem with deep inhales, French snaps and an arsenal of tricks that quickly establishes her as one of Bob’s best new smoking ‘finds’ of the trip….you’ll see more of Mack-Mack in soon to be released titles!



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