Lez Diagnosis

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Lez Diagnosis

Stars: Mary Jane, Charlie Laine

Released: 2005

It’s a slow day at the medical center office until young and pretty Charlie Laine wanders in looking for Nurse Mary Jane. Charlie is upset and scared, and needs some diagnosing from the curious and willing nurse. It seems that every time Charlie wears sexy nylon stockings, and then smokes a cigarette, her response is so powerful and stimulating that she’s afraid something is “wrong” with her. she overcomes her shyness and seeks the help of a professional to identify her “problem”. Nurse Mary Jane is eager to diagnose the situation, and naturally must first hand the stimulation, which leads to a sensual mutual masturbation session, which culminates in the inevitable result for both women. Satisfied she’s on the right track, Nurse Mary Jane invites Charlie to her home for an even more detailed diagnosis, resulting in some steamy lesbian activity that would fog any one’s spyglass. The twin lovelies settle into some longer term treatment that clearly satisfies their urges and reassures Charlie she’s just “fine and dandy”!!!


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