Lez Therapy

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Lez Therapy

Stars: Mary Jane, Amberlina

Released: 2004

Young and lovely Amberlina is having a problem with her boyfriend, who’s too rough and insensitive to her needs, so she calls the sexual therapy clinic operated by nurse Mary Jane. What Amber doesn’t know is that Mary Jane has a sweet tooth for available young women and is always hungry for her next encounter. Ever vigilant, Mary Jane is quick to size up the possibilities with innocent Amberlina and gets her to share all the juicy details of her sex life.

Soon, the discussion leads to undressing and a physical exam, where Mary Jane gets to ‘test’ Amber’s responses to a variety of stimuli. Several twitching orgasms later, the creative therapist has her newfound student melting in passion and eager to repay her instructor. They retire to Mary Jane’s house and get reacquainted with an intimate and smoky make out session, which leads to Amberlina dispensing some of her own lez therapy


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