Natural Light

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Natural Light

Stars: Wanda Curtis, Kitty, Logan LaBrent, Monica Mendez, Cierra Cynn, Brooklyn Rhodes

Just like the title suggests, this tape explores Bob’s penchant for filming in natural light…no gimmicks, no colored light or filters…….just smoke the way it looks in daily activities and moments. Explore the way changing light both hides and enhances the lush, thick energized movements of smoke as it curls, whisps and disappears. This tape is busy and ambitious, containing 8 scenes in a variety of natural settings. Despite a few seconds of audio problems (a flaw in the master tape), Kitty’s opening scene will focus your attention first on her smoking, but then on her quivering and orgasmic pussy…a perfect opening to this wild tape! Wanda Curtis greets you by the pool, tanned and buff and naked as she smokes and splashes at the edge…the first of three poolside scenes in this tape…later Brooklyn Rhodes and Monica Mendez will also smoke at the swimming pool. Cierra Cynn makes a special guest appearance with Bob on three different outdoor scenes, and shows off her passion for smoke and great technique…lots of deep double inhales and long steady exhales. Finally Logan Labrent in a white bustier is all calm and elegant sexiness…as she chats, smokes and just looks like an angel in her lingerie. 8 different scenes…3 of which feature dark papered “Mores”…that fully explore some of the mysteries of natural light and smoke.



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Duration : 01:43:14

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