Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 11

Thursday, December 29, 2011



Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 11

Stars: Rachel Steele

Rachel comes home from a really hard day at the office. It is sweltering outside, and all she really wants is to sit on the couch and relax. On the couch, she lights a cigarette and starts rubbing her feet. Man, they are sore. She takes her clothes off except for her dark lacy underwear and puffs on her cig. God it feels good to just let go in a cool air conditioned house

she drifts off to sleep. Her stepson’s friend comes in the room and finds Rachel fast asleep. He loves to look at her extremely hot body. The urge to jerk off to the neighborhood MILF lying there is just too strong. He unzips his fly and begins to masturbate. He is really getting into it and really wants to shoot his load in her face and mouth. He moans loudly and Rachel wakes.

At first she does not know what is happening but soon realizes what he was doing. She is shocked, but also aroused by his young cock. She lights up a cigarette and begins to tease him a little. She sees that he is really hot for her and she pushes her tits in his face. Her pussy is getting wet, and she knows that her sexy smoking is turning him on more and more. She kneels down in front of him and begins to suck his cock.

They move into the bedroom where she sucks him some more between puffs of her cigarette. Her huge tits, sexy black stockings and all the smoke billowing around Rachel is really turning him on, so she fucks him good and hard. He finally gets his chance to realize his fantasy. He blows a huge load in the MILF’s mouth and on her face. As he lounges on the bed after some satisfying sex, Rachel does a hot smoking dance for him.



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