Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 9

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Taboo Fetishes – Smoking Volume 9

Stars: Rachel Steele

Released: 2008

Smoking Rachel is Going Out on the Town

Rachel Steele is in a mall parking lot, and she lights up a cigarette and heads towards her favorite lingerie store. She wants to get something special for tonight. Later, she is her bedroom wearing a bra and panties holding up stockings and a garter. She calls you into the room to bring her cigarettes to her and help her get ready for her night out. You enter the room and hand over the cigarettes. She takes one out of the packet and lights it up and starts smoking. She asks you which skirt you think she should wear and holds them both up for you to see. One is a short black leather skirt and one a normal short skirt. When she holds up the leather one, she laughs and says she knows that is your favorite. She pulls the skirt up her legs and also puts on a low cut leopard print blouse. She already has a bit of make-up on and we get to see her put on her mascara and lipstick. While she is getting ready she says she is so horny tonight honey and loves cock teasing all the men! When she has put on her makeup, she puts on a pair of black leather knee high boots. When she has put them on, she runs her hands up and down them and looks at you and if you like her fuck-me boots. When the boots are on she stands and says, What do you think honey? Does I look sexy, and do you think I will get some cock tonight? She laughs and says by the look of that bulge in your jeans, I will!

She decides to turn you on more by doing a dirty dance. She tells you to turn on some music and smokes and dances for you. You can barely keep from exploding in your pants. She reaches out and grabs your hard cock in your pants. You starts jerking you off while she tells you that are a dirty little man. She then reminds you of your chores while she is out. Don’t forget I want you to hand wash all of my dirty panties and lingerie before I get back. You better do as Rachel says from now on or she will tell all your friends about when she found her panties under your pillow. Then they will all know what a dirty little boy you are! She laughs at your embarrassment. She puts some music on and starts to dance seductively. She sees your bulge get even bigger and laughs and says that little cock of yours is getting harder watching her dance, isn’t it? After dancing a short while, she sits down in front of you and leaves her legs apart so you can see her lacy black panties. She takes a drag on her cigarette and says, you are looking up my skirt again, aren’t you, pervert? She continues, get that little virgin cock of yours out and jerk it for me! She blows smoke into your face and then gives jack off encouragement. Rachel’s going to get fucked by a big cock tonight and when she gets home, she is going to make you use that tongue of yours on her fucked pussy! She blows you a kiss and leaves the house.

Rachel returns home much later and tells you about her night out while she sexily smokes in front of you. She tells you about the cock teasing she had been doing and that she saw one of your friends and let him fuck her in the club toilets. She then beckons you into her bathroom and makes you get out her vibrator from her drawer and makes you watch her use it on herself till she cums.



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