LE_Barefoot Confidential 22

Sunday, May 27, 2012


LE_Barefoot Confidential 22

Stars: Boo, Ramona Luv, Pat Myne, Steve Hatcher, Cameron Cain, Cherry Rain

Released: 2006

Barefoot and innocent! Ramona Luv is cute and innocent. She waves her pink-soled feet in the air, not aware the power they possess. They are soft 18-year old feet and their scent is as irresistible as salty meat to a hungry dog. If you were to ask to lick them, she would shrug and let you. Why not? They’re only feet! But when she felt the hard outline of cock through your pants, she might have an inkling. Too bad she’s only into girls, or you might discover she’s not so innocent after all!


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File Name : 0427_LE_Barefoot_Confidential_22.wmv
File Size : 682.15 MB
Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 01:13:00

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