Toe-Tales 80

Monday, August 30, 2010



Toe-Tales 80

Stars: Cleopatra, Julian Starr, Mr. X, Shawn Love

Cleopatra and Shawn Love are two very hot chicks with hot pussies and mean streaks. When they play with Julian and Mr.X, the rules go right out of the window as they make the boys grovel and serve them with their tongues and lips! Legs are caressed

toes sucked and dripping snatches are licked clean as they service the women to their full sexual satisfaction! Staring: Cleopatra, Mr X, Shawn Love, Julian Starr.



Downloading 0008_LE_Toe-Tales_80.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0008_LE_Toe-Tales_80.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0008_LE_Toe-Tales_80.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0008_LE_Toe-Tales_80.part4.rar | 103.8 Mb

File Name : 0008_LE_Toe-Tales_80.wmv

File Size : 568.75 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:00:58

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Ultimate Nylon – Vol. 2 – Cory Lane’s Farewell

Monday, August 30, 2010



Ultimate Nylon – Vol. 2 – Cory Lane’s Farewell

Stars: Calli Cox, Tabitha Stern, Cory Lane, Sera Lee

Nylon doesn’t get any sexier than this! Cory Lane lounges on her couch in a sweater and skirt, sling back heels and vintage coffee bean R, H & T’ S reading a magazine. You’ll love all the casual positions that showcase her classically gorgeous legs. Cory allows the camera some breathtaking close ups and peeks at “the goods”, a daring bit of modeling that adds immensely to the nylon fun! Tabitha Stern comes home after a work….smokes and kicks back, gradually melting out of her navy blue leather pumps and business suit. Lots more of those delicious deep brown nylons in this excellent ‘voyeur video’ scene. The grand finale is a Calli Cox leg show direct from heaven! First she’s wearing a lush pair of antique fully-fashioned hose, richly welted and in a dark honey brown shade. Properly dressed in a suit and black leather pumps, Calli is an awesome leg model…..absolutely perfect legs and feet!



Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part4.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part5.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part6.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part7.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.part8.rar | 1.3 Mb

File Name : 0009_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_-_Vol_2_-_Cory_Lane_s_Farewell.wmv

File Size : 1086.34 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:01:00

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Ultimate Nylon Volume 7 – Looking At Laurie

Monday, August 30, 2010



Ultimate Nylon Volume 7 – Looking At Laurie

Stars: Laurie Wallace, Jayna Woods, Avery Adams

Laurie Wallace is dynamite in black stockings and heels, posing in a marbled entrance in the morning light. You’ll be riveted to her every move as she twists and bends to allow all sorts of alluring peeks at her perfect body. Avery Adams settles into her couch for a private moment, wearing coffee bean reinforced heel and toe nylons. A slow steady striptease and solo session with fingers and vibra-toys leave her quivering in orgasms…very nice stuff! Jayna Woods lounges and relaxes in her apartment, wearing soft black, ultra sheer, reinforced heel and toe hose. You get a “fly on the wall” voyeuristic peek from just about every angle as she puts on a hypnotizing leg show and her clothes steadily disappear. Finally, you’ll be treated to an encore from Laurie Wallace–this time she wears honey beige stockings in an atrium, bathed in sunlight and beauty.



Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part4.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part5.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part6.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part7.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.part8.rar | 27.0 Mb

File Name : 0002_LE_Ultimate_Nylon_Volume_7_-_Looking_At_Laurie.wmv

File Size : 1111.95 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:00:00

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House Of Legs #28 – Slipping It To Mia

Monday, August 30, 2010



House Of Legs #28 – Slipping It To Mia

Stars: Addison Rose, Mia Presley

Mia Presley understands how to show off her assetts and model her collection of some amazing lingerie items from the past. She has a variety of unusual and lovely dainties …slips, stockings, garters, teddies, panties, pantyhose and bras. They cling to her curvy bodyenticingly and her soft spoken narrative that accompanies her fashion show will have you grabbing your “attention” to all of her details. She finishes her scene and herself off with the Vibra-king toy …a bold and satisfying conclusion.Addison Rose joins the party and displays her love for frilly and silky lingerie. Slips and nylons and lots of soft tanned skin deliver a classy and fitting supplement to this film tribute to slips and other pieces of retro lingerie.



Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part4.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part5.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part6.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.part7.rar | 93.7 Mb

File Name : 0003_LE_House_Of_Legs_28_-_Slipping_It_To_Mia.wmv

File Size : 1023.72 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:48:57

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Hustler’s Foot Fetish

Monday, August 30, 2010



Hu$tler’s Foot Fetish

Stars: Roxy Jezel, Rod Fontana, Vicky Vette, Mark Ashley, Nadia Styles, Marie Luv, Scott Nails, Seth Dickens, Veronica Jett, Tony T., Jenna Presley

Hu$tler has rounded up the hottest, dirtiest, and freakiest foot fetish scenes in their library. Who wouldn’t have a foot fetish when these little piggies are attached to such smokin’ hot ass? Take your shoes off and let these sex-crazed, foot freaks take over! Next time you’re with your girl make sure to suck her toes and when you’re done, fuck her hard!



Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part1.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part2.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part3.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part4.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part5.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part6.rar | 301.0 Mb

Downloading 0004_LE_Hustler_s_Foot_Fetish.part7.rar | 286.7 Mb

File Name : 0004_LE_Hu$tler_s_Foot_Fetish.wmv

File Size : 2092.71 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 02:42:00

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Toe-Tales Vol. 125

Monday, August 30, 2010



Toe-Tales Vol. 125

Stars: TJ Licker, Mickey Monroe, Astrid, Secret

Ten nasty toes on one nasty girl makes for hours of foot lovin’ enjoyment! Watch as these girls ditch their shoe to have their ten little piggies adored and worshiped. These guys get to indulge in their fantasies as they suck and caress long sexy legs. Watch as they both have explosive orgasms, he showers her feet with cum, while the other explodes in a pair of stockings. Enjoy!!!



Downloading 0001_LE_Toe-Tales_Vol_125.part1.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0001_LE_Toe-Tales_Vol_125.part2.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0001_LE_Toe-Tales_Vol_125.part3.rar | 155.0 Mb

Downloading 0001_LE_Toe-Tales_Vol_125.part4.rar | 81.1 Mb

File Name : 0001_LE_Toe-Tales_Vol_125.wmv

File Size : 546.06 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 00:58:01

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